What Is This?

SEEDS is a zine made by you, the PROCJAM community, about all the awesome ideas you're having, experiments you're making and things you're doing. It's like a family newsletter for PROCJAM, published in November, to let people know all the cool stuff everyone has been up to over the past year.

We want to hear about projects you're working on, ideas you're thinking about, stories about your previous PROCJAM entries, guides on how to do something, or just some beautiful screenshots of something you've made. Big or small, serious or silly, digital or physical, whatever label you want to slap on it - if you want to be part of the PROCJAM community, send in your stuff to SEEDS!

How To Take Part

If you'd like to submit, we're looking for pieces of up to 800 words. Write however feels comfortable for you - you don't need to write in English, any language is okay! We would ask you to do your best to keep the language simple and accessible. Think of it like a blog post, rather than a technical report. Try and include some pictures, too, if you can!

You can write about anything you like - write about a game you're making, or what you made for PROCJAM last year, or what you hope to make this year. Write about an idea you've had, something that inspired you, a question you can't answer or a new technique you've learned. Tell us anything you feel passionate about saying, we'd love to hear about it.

If you don't fancy writing, don't worry! We also want to make beautiful full-page art spreads. Instead of writing, you can also submit a collection of 4-5 high-resolution screenshots and we'll find you some space in the zine.

Send Us Stuff!

To submit, you can email a .zip to zine AT procjam.com with your text and images in. Submissions close on September 15th to give us time to put the zine together. You don't have to have entered PROCJAM to be a part of this, you don't have to work in games, just come and tell us about yourself and be a part of the zine! We can't wait to hear from you.

We're hoping to have the zine ready in PDF form by the time of the talks day (stress permitting!) and maybe even get some super-special physical copies printed up too, if there's demand.