Seeds Issue 4

Open for Submissions - Deadline: September 5th 2019

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Seeds is an annual zine about making things that make things: generative software, procedural content generation, all kinds of randomness and unpredictable processes in games, art and other culture. We want you to write for us - tell us about something you made, something you saw that inspired you, or something you've learned about that you want to share with others. Just send us some words and a few pictures, and our amazing editor Jupiter Hadley will put it together into another beautiful issue.

Seeds accepts two types of submission:

If you'd like to submit something, click here to find our submission form. The deadline for submissions to Seeds Issue 4 is September 5th - EXTENDED. We are hoping to have the issue edited and released in time for PROCJAM 2019, sometime in November.

Background image from Martin O'Leary's article, A Year of Daily Generative Sketches.