Nos Falaises

By Guillaume Pelletier-Auger (Twitter,Website)

Hi! Here are a few pages of a comic book that I’m currently working on. The images were generated from cellular automata with p5.js, so I thought maybe it could be appropriate for your Seeds zine. The colour palettes were also procedurally generated. The comic is written in French. Basically, it’s a story about anxiety disorder, therapy, and healing. But not much of it is written yet. Those pages have already appeared in a self-published zine collecting the works of a few comic books artists from Montréal (it was a small thing between friends, only 50 copies were printed).

You can download the high resolution pages on Dropbox (it’s a zip archive containing .tif files, with a total size of 38.5 MB). Thank you very much for looking at this and have a great day!