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The 1st PROCJAM Grant

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We’re excited to announce the recipient of our very first PROCJAM grant! It’s Emma Lugo, who also publishes online as Lycaon (you can check out some of her creations on her page here). Emma has made all kinds of games and generative art, including the procedural dating simulator 6.8×10^14 First Dates, the dreamlike poetry visualiser Astæria, and the crunchy FPS roguelike nullpointer. Her work shows a huge range of skills and ideas, and we’re so excited to be able to support her future work! In addition to the grant support, we’re hoping to get Emma speaking at a future PROCJAM about her work, her process or something cool she wants to share with you!

Our judges agonised over their decision – we were overwhelmed with how good every single application we got for the grant was. But in the end they were won over by the “maturity and creativity” of Emma’s work, and the breadth of her experience. Thank you to our judges – Jo Twist, Phoenix Perry, Innes McKendrick, Mitu Khandaker and Rami Ismail – and to all of our amazing Kickstarter backers who made this experiment possible. Thanks also to everyone who sent in their work – we found out about lots of cool projects we didn’t know about. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again sometime soon!

With our grant announced, we’re almost wrapped on PROCJAM 2017! We still need to translate our tutorials, and also finalise our backer rewards. We’ve got a record number of jam entries it’s looking like, and Jupiter has begun putting up her review videos for the jam! Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this year, and congratulations to Emma on being our very first grant recipient! Don’t forget to go check out her amazing work.

PROCJAM Talks: Nov 9th 2017

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Every year we bring together exciting experts from all areas of the generative software community to tell you about cool new ideas, talk to you about things they’ve made, and show you new parts of the generative world. This year we have seven amazing talks, and they’ll be going live on Thursday, November 9th from 2pm UTC. 

This year our talks aren’t live, so instead we’ll be using Together Tube to premiere the talks so that people can watch them together and chat as they go. After each talk is broadcast, we’ll make it public so everyone can watch it in their own time – but the best way is to tune in with us and chat about the talks as they happen!

Click here to join the PROCJAM Talks Room (live on Nov 9th)!

You can also find our talks from previous years on our YouTube channel! I hope you’re getting excited for PROCJAM 2017! We’re not far off now. Make sure you sign up on to officially join the jam!


First Tutorials Out Now!

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Click Here For Our Tutorials Page!

Every year at PROCJAM we try to do something new. One of those things this year was tutorials – guides to understanding something, written by someone in the community. We’re excited to launch the first two tutorials today, by Christer Kaitila and Bruno Dias, all made possible thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers. Read them, share them, let us know what you think, and start getting excited for PROCJAM – it’s just a few weeks away! Here’s a little summary of our first two tutorials:

Procedural Music Generation is all about the first steps towards writing a program that makes noises, written by Christer Kaitila, a gamedev superstar and organiser of One Game A Month. Christer breaks down music-making into easily manageable chunks so you can start off with something small and slowly build it up, and he even threw in a huge pack of generated music!

Generating Text With Improv is a guide to using Improv, a text generation library written by Bruno Dias, also the tutorial’s author. Bruno used Improv for his game, Voyageur, and the guide shows off just some of the cool things Improv can do – including labelling words so you can filter and generate text in very specific or very general ways.

Seeds Deadline Extension: 22nd September

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Everything’s speeding along at PROCJAM HQ, including preparations for Issue 2 of Seeds, our zine written by you about fun generative things you’ve done or thought about! We’ve had a few requests for extra time so people can write an article, so we’re extending the deadline to Friday, September 22nd. Send your submissions of 800 words or less with images, or albums of pictures for us to print, to seeds -at-! More info available here.


PROCJAM Speakers Announced!

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Every year we put together a series of talks about procedural generation, by inviting a bunch of cool, interesting and friendly people to tell you everything they know about something they love. As we mentioned in our announcement post, even though we don’t have a physical location this year, we’re still putting together a bunch of great talks that you’ll be able to listen to during the jam for ideas and inspiration, and find long after the jam is done on our YouTube channel.

Here’s a rundown of the amazing speakers you’ll be listening to this year. We’ll have talk details soon, and more information on exactly when and where you can access the talks:

Kristin Siu is a researcher and game developer, currently doing research at Georgia Tech into AI and HCI, and working on the IGF-nominated Elsinore, a systems-driven exploration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She’s also working on her own independent projects in her spare time. Twitter | Homepage | Elsinore

James Ryan is a researcher and game designer currently doing research at UC Santa Cruz. His work includes being one-third of the Bad News team, an award-winning interactive drama driven by a uniquely generated small American town, and the creator of GameSpace, a 3D tool for exploring the history of games. Twitter | Bad News | GameSpace | Homepage

Mitu Khandaker is an Assistant Professor at NYU, CCO at Spirit AI and runs the indie game studio The Tiniest Shark, who made the social sci-fi simulation game Redshirt. Mitu is an expert at teasing out emergent stories from generative and procedural systems, which she’s exploring with her latest game. Twitter | Homepage | Spirit AI

Tyriq Plummer is a seasoned game developer and artist, and the solo developer of Catacomb Kids, an action-roguelike about exploring dungeons. Catacomb Kids‘ levels are procedurally generated by a system that pays careful attention to architecture and game flow, resulting in beautiful and unusual game spaces. Twitter | Homepage | Catacomb Kids

Rachel Hwang is a designer, developer and educator, who created the open-source Procedural Graphics course at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s currently working at indie Bonfire Studios on secret things that I don’t know and so can’t include in a bio but look pretty amazing based on this teaser page. Twitter | GitHub | Course

Mariano Merchante is a 3D artist, designer and programmer, who has created a range of incredible procedural demoscene-style work like Rubik City and Angels and Men. He’s also rather talented at making things by hand, too. Twitter | Homepage | GitHub

Jupiter Hadley is a journalist, critic and well-known YouTuber, famous for playing over 5,000 games a year in her quest to cover as many game jam games as possible. Jupiter has seen tens of thousands of games, and knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to jamming games with generative software. Twitter | Homepage | YouTube


PROCJAM 2017: Official Dates!

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We’re very happy to announce that PROCJAM’s main event, the 2017 Procedural Generation Jam, is taking place this year on these dates:

November 4th – November 13th 2017

In whatever timezone you happen to be in! Don’t forget – you can start early, and late submissions are always accepted. But these are the dates everyone will be jamming and chatting the most between!

2017 Talks

Just like every year, we’ve organised a group of amazing expert speakers to give you new ideas and explain new techniques about generative code. Unfortunately, this year there won’t be a physical talks day for people to attend. We really wanted to make it happen, but Mike moved country this year and we couldn’t quite make it work. We’ll make up for it next year!

The good news is that we’re still having talks, and our speaker lineup is unbelievably cool. We’ll be announcing our speakers next week!

Write For Our Zine!

Did you know we have our own zine, called Seeds? You can write a few hundred words about a thing you made, or an idea you’ve had, or you can send in pictures of something you did! You still have until September 15th to submit – more info here!

Art & Tutorials

Our art packs and tutorials are all coming along! The tutorials will go up sometimes in October, and the art packs will come out just before the jam. We’re really excited to show you what everyone’s been working on. Translated tutorials will be coming later on, as we need time to work with translators once the tutorials are finished and published.

The 2017 PROCJAM Grant

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A big part of PROCJAM is finding new ways to support people in the generative community, and to bring that community closer together. So today we’re excited to announce that thanks to our Kickstarter supporters, we are taking applications for the first PROCJAM Grant – a £1000 award to help support someone working with generative software. The grant is split into two parts:

  • A £500 funding grant to help support you in your work.
  • A £500 travel grant to help get you to a future PROCJAM and tell us about what you’ve done.

How To Apply

If you’d like to apply for the grant, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your age (you must be 18 or older to apply)
  • Your location (you can be as specific as you like – just the country will do)
  • Links to generative things you’ve done (can be executables, screenshots, writeups, downloadables, schoolwork, photographs etc.)
  • A short (max 500 words) description of how the grant would help you

The closing date for application is August 31st, Anywhere On Earth.

We strongly encourage applications from people with disabilities, women, LGBTQ+ people, people from the Global South, and people of colour.

Shortlisting & Awards

If you think there might be barriers to you applying for the grant (such as visa issues, your age, etc.) we encourage you to apply anyway and we will try to resolve it later. However, if in doubt, you can email with questions.

Applications will be shortlisted by the jam organisers, and the final shortlist will be judged by a panel of experts, including:

  • Kate Compton – UC Santa Cruz
  • Rami Ismail – Vlambeer
  • Mitu Khandaker – Spirit AI
  • Innes McKendrick – Hello Games
  • Phoenix Perry – Goldsmiths University
  • Jo Twist, OBE – UKIE

We’re hoping to award the grant sometime in September, and make an announcement during the jam in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live very close/very far from where PROCJAM is held, is that a problem?

The travel budget is just a guideline for the grant. We’ll discuss the travel funding part with the recipient directly, but this is a guideline of how we’d like to split the money if it works. But our priority is finding the right person, so don’t worry!

How many grants are being given out?

The full £1000 grant is being given to a single recipient. We thought about spreading smaller grants out or donating to large causes, but we feel a large targeted grant will have a huge impact on someone who really needs the support.

Can a company apply? What if I need the grant to be paid to a company?

We’re looking into details like income tax issues for developers who would need the grant paid via a company account. For now, apply for the grant and give us the information we need, and we can sort out the details after the fact!


I just want to emphasise how grateful I am to everyone who supported and shared our Kickstarter; being able to experiment with this kind of thing is so exciting and is such a testament to the strength of our community. This is our first attempt at this, but we hope we can make it sustainable, make a difference to people in the generative community, and support and celebrate amazing work.

2017 Artists Announced!

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Everyone brings something different to PROCJAM, and we want to support you whether you’re coming to learn how to code, or to flex your artistic muscles. One of the ways we try to help out is by providing free art packs to inspire new project ideas and help you feel good about how you jam entry looks even if you don’t have time to make art yourself. That’s why each year we try to create some new free inspirational art packs, and we’re very excited to announce this year’s artists – they’re super talented and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Cryoclaire (Twitter) is an awesome 2D artist who is half of Drugs And Wires, a gorgeous-looking cyberpunk-infused comic. Cryo has a really impressive portfolio of work in games and illustration – super excited to see what comes out of their pack!

Ajay Karat (Twitter), also known as Devil’s Garage, is a really prolific 3D artist who already has a huge collection of game assets on a big page! It’s full of really colourful, wonderful ideas, and we’re sure their art pack will be too.

Thanks to everyone who applied for the art position, and to Cryo and Ajay for agreeing to take on the commission. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when their art is ready to go closer to the jam!

2017 Tutorials Announced!

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Thanks to the amazing support of our Kickstarter, we’ve managed to get the funding to pay four people to write tutorials for us this year. We’re excited to announce that we’ve got those four tutorial writers in place, and we think you’re going to like what they’re making. Here’s the details on our lovely writers for 2017:

Context-Aware Text Generation The Easy Way – Bruno Dias (Twitter)

Dreaming with Answer Set Programming – Melanie Dickinson (Twitter)

Procedural Music GenerationChrister McFunkypants Kaitila (Twitter)

Generating Procedural Game Worlds With Wave Function CollapseJoseph Parker (Twitter)

All the tutorial pitches were so good, we hope we can fund some more soon too. Don’t forget we also have a list of tutorials from around the web, too. If you’ve written a tutorial, let us know so we can add it to the list! We’ll have news on our artists soon too.