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Art Packs & Creative Commons


We’re so lucky to have incredible artists working to create free art packs for PROCJAM, and the equally incredible support of organisations like PROSECCO and Falmouth University that mean we can pay them for the work they do. We really value the amazing work done by the artists, who all go above and beyond to produce huge amounts of art for you to use. We want to protect their contributions, and ensure we do everything we can to give them recognition, and not damage the art world by flooding it with art!

To try and achieve these aims, we use a Creative Commons license attached to the PROCJAM art packs. The license has just two rules:

  • If you use the art, you must credit the artist in whatever you use the art for. This could be as simple as adding them to the credits, the description text, put their name on the splash screen, anything like that.

This one’s easy, and it means that our artists get recognition for their work in future projects. Thanking people is very straightforward, and it helps people find our amazing artists and learn about their work! It also helps our artists know when someone’s used their art, which is always a nice feeling.

  • You don’t use the art for commercial projects. If your project is making money, why not find an artist to share in your success, and create some brand new art!

The commercial limitation is a difficult one, because many commercial projects won’t make much money. But while we appreciate that it’s difficult to make a living through small commercial games and software, it’s also really hard to make a living through art! We don’t want our free art to take commissions away from all the great artists working hard out there to get by, and so for now we’re keeping PROCJAM art strictly non-commercial.

Thanks for reading this and taking note of the licence. If you have any questions or requests, you can always contact me directly: cutgarnet at gmail.

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