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The 1st PROCJAM Grant

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We’re excited to announce the recipient of our very first PROCJAM grant! It’s Emma Lugo, who also publishes online as Lycaon (you can check out some of her creations on her page here). Emma has made all kinds of games and generative art, including the procedural dating simulator 6.8×10^14 First Dates, the dreamlike poetry visualiser Astæria, and the crunchy FPS roguelike nullpointer. Her work shows a huge range of skills and ideas, and we’re so excited to be able to support her future work! In addition to the grant support, we’re hoping to get Emma speaking at a future PROCJAM about her work, her process or something cool she wants to share with you!

Our judges agonised over their decision – we were overwhelmed with how good every single application we got for the grant was. But in the end they were won over by the “maturity and creativity” of Emma’s work, and the breadth of her experience. Thank you to our judges – Jo Twist, Phoenix Perry, Innes McKendrick, Mitu Khandaker and Rami Ismail – and to all of our amazing Kickstarter backers who made this experiment possible. Thanks also to everyone who sent in their work – we found out about lots of cool projects we didn’t know about. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again sometime soon!

With our grant announced, we’re almost wrapped on PROCJAM 2017! We still need to translate our tutorials, and also finalise our backer rewards. We’ve got a record number of jam entries it’s looking like, and Jupiter has begun putting up her review videos for the jam! Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this year, and congratulations to Emma on being our very first grant recipient! Don’t forget to go check out her amazing work.

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