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PROCJAM Talks: Nov 9th 2017

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Every year we bring together exciting experts from all areas of the generative software community to tell you about cool new ideas, talk to you about things they’ve made, and show you new parts of the generative world. This year we have seven amazing talks, and they’ll be going live on Thursday, November 9th from 2pm UTC. 

This year our talks aren’t live, so instead we’ll be using Together Tube to premiere the talks so that people can watch them together and chat as they go. After each talk is broadcast, we’ll make it public so everyone can watch it in their own time – but the best way is to tune in with us and chat about the talks as they happen!

Click here to join the PROCJAM Talks Room (live on Nov 9th)!

You can also find our talks from previous years on our YouTube channel! I hope you’re getting excited for PROCJAM 2017! We’re not far off now. Make sure you sign up on to officially join the jam!



      1. Ah, I see, there are two posted on the speakers’ channels rather than the PROCJAM channel. No Mitu Khandaker though… 🙁

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