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First Tutorials Out Now!

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Every year at PROCJAM we try to do something new. One of those things this year was tutorials – guides to understanding something, written by someone in the community. We’re excited to launch the first two tutorials today, by Christer Kaitila and Bruno Dias, all made possible thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers. Read them, share them, let us know what you think, and start getting excited for PROCJAM – it’s just a few weeks away! Here’s a little summary of our first two tutorials:

Procedural Music Generation is all about the first steps towards writing a program that makes noises, written by Christer Kaitila, a gamedev superstar and organiser of One Game A Month. Christer breaks down music-making into easily manageable chunks so you can start off with something small and slowly build it up, and he even threw in a huge pack of generated music!

Generating Text With Improv is a guide to using Improv, a text generation library written by Bruno Dias, also the tutorial’s author. Bruno used Improv for his game, Voyageur, and the guide shows off just some of the cool things Improv can do – including labelling words so you can filter and generate text in very specific or very general ways.

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