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PROCJAM Art Packs – Available Now!

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For the last few years we’ve hired artists to produce free art packs, so people who aren’t as confident or don’t have time to create art can still make their jam projects look beautiful. This year we have two brand new packs ready to go, and you can download them right now from our art page!

Click here to see the art packs!

Our first pack is a spooky 2D collection from Cryoclaire, co-creator of the amazing Drugs and Wires comic, who made a gorgeous pack of art for side-on and top-down games, along with a bunch of fully-animated characters! The sprites are crammed with amazing creepy details – maybe you can use them for a quick bit of #asylumjam inspiration as well?


Our other pack is a 3D set from Devil’s Garage, AKA Ajay Karat, who runs a very cool store full of gamedev assets. His pack is bursting with neat 3D models, all beautifully textured, and ready to be glued together to make dungeons, mazes, gardens and more! He’s even included 2D snapshots of his work, so you can use them in 2D games too!


A huge thanks to our artists this year – please support them, thank them, and tell them if you use their art! And don’t forget we have three packs from previous years too, all on our art page.

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