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PROCJAM Speakers Announced!

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Every year we put together a series of talks about procedural generation, by inviting a bunch of cool, interesting and friendly people to tell you everything they know about something they love. As we mentioned in our announcement post, even though we don’t have a physical location this year, we’re still putting together a bunch of great talks that you’ll be able to listen to during the jam for ideas and inspiration, and find long after the jam is done on our YouTube channel.

Here’s a rundown of the amazing speakers you’ll be listening to this year. We’ll have talk details soon, and more information on exactly when and where you can access the talks:

Kristin Siu is a researcher and game developer, currently doing research at Georgia Tech into AI and HCI, and working on the IGF-nominated Elsinore, a systems-driven exploration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She’s also working on her own independent projects in her spare time. Twitter | Homepage | Elsinore

James Ryan is a researcher and game designer currently doing research at UC Santa Cruz. His work includes being one-third of the Bad News team, an award-winning interactive drama driven by a uniquely generated small American town, and the creator of GameSpace, a 3D tool for exploring the history of games. Twitter | Bad News | GameSpace | Homepage

Mitu Khandaker is an Assistant Professor at NYU, CCO at Spirit AI and runs the indie game studio The Tiniest Shark, who made the social sci-fi simulation game Redshirt. Mitu is an expert at teasing out emergent stories from generative and procedural systems, which she’s exploring with her latest game. Twitter | Homepage | Spirit AI

Tyriq Plummer is a seasoned game developer and artist, and the solo developer of Catacomb Kids, an action-roguelike about exploring dungeons. Catacomb Kids‘ levels are procedurally generated by a system that pays careful attention to architecture and game flow, resulting in beautiful and unusual game spaces. Twitter | Homepage | Catacomb Kids

Rachel Hwang is a designer, developer and educator, who created the open-source Procedural Graphics course at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s currently working at indie Bonfire Studios on secret things that I don’t know and so can’t include in a bio but look pretty amazing based on this teaser page. Twitter | GitHub | Course

Mariano Merchante is a 3D artist, designer and programmer, who has created a range of incredible procedural demoscene-style work like Rubik City and Angels and Men. He’s also rather talented at making things by hand, too. Twitter | Homepage | GitHub

Jupiter Hadley is a journalist, critic and well-known YouTuber, famous for playing over 5,000 games a year in her quest to cover as many game jam games as possible. Jupiter has seen tens of thousands of games, and knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to jamming games with generative software. Twitter | Homepage | YouTube


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