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PROCJAM 2017: Official Dates!

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We’re very happy to announce that PROCJAM’s main event, the 2017 Procedural Generation Jam, is taking place this year on these dates:

November 4th – November 13th 2017

In whatever timezone you happen to be in! Don’t forget – you can start early, and late submissions are always accepted. But these are the dates everyone will be jamming and chatting the most between!

2017 Talks

Just like every year, we’ve organised a group of amazing expert speakers to give you new ideas and explain new techniques about generative code. Unfortunately, this year there won’t be a physical talks day for people to attend. We really wanted to make it happen, but Mike moved country this year and we couldn’t quite make it work. We’ll make up for it next year!

The good news is that we’re still having talks, and our speaker lineup is unbelievably cool. We’ll be announcing our speakers next week!

Write For Our Zine!

Did you know we have our own zine, called Seeds? You can write a few hundred words about a thing you made, or an idea you’ve had, or you can send in pictures of something you did! You still have until September 15th to submit – more info here!

Art & Tutorials

Our art packs and tutorials are all coming along! The tutorials will go up sometimes in October, and the art packs will come out just before the jam. We’re really excited to show you what everyone’s been working on. Translated tutorials will be coming later on, as we need time to work with translators once the tutorials are finished and published.

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