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2017 Artists Announced!

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Everyone brings something different to PROCJAM, and we want to support you whether you’re coming to learn how to code, or to flex your artistic muscles. One of the ways we try to help out is by providing free art packs to inspire new project ideas and help you feel good about how you jam entry looks even if you don’t have time to make art yourself. That’s why each year we try to create some new free inspirational art packs, and we’re very excited to announce this year’s artists – they’re super talented and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Cryoclaire (Twitter) is an awesome 2D artist who is half of Drugs And Wires, a gorgeous-looking cyberpunk-infused comic. Cryo has a really impressive portfolio of work in games and illustration – super excited to see what comes out of their pack!

Ajay Karat (Twitter), also known as Devil’s Garage, is a really prolific 3D artist who already has a huge collection of game assets on a big page! It’s full of really colourful, wonderful ideas, and we’re sure their art pack will be too.

Thanks to everyone who applied for the art position, and to Cryo and Ajay for agreeing to take on the commission. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when their art is ready to go closer to the jam!

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