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2017 Tutorials Announced!

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Thanks to the amazing support of our Kickstarter, we’ve managed to get the funding to pay four people to write tutorials for us this year. We’re excited to announce that we’ve got those four tutorial writers in place, and we think you’re going to like what they’re making. Here’s the details on our lovely writers for 2017:

Context-Aware Text Generation The Easy Way – Bruno Dias (Twitter)

Dreaming with Answer Set Programming – Melanie Dickinson (Twitter)

Procedural Music GenerationChrister McFunkypants Kaitila (Twitter)

Generating Procedural Game Worlds With Wave Function CollapseJoseph Parker (Twitter)

All the tutorial pitches were so good, we hope we can fund some more soon too. Don’t forget we also have a list of tutorials from around the web, too. If you’ve written a tutorial, let us know so we can add it to the list! We’ll have news on our artists soon too.

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