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Seeds, Issue 2

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We’re making another issue of Seeds, our generative-themed zine written by you! We want everyone to submit short articles or artworks about how you did something, an idea you have, something that inspires you, how a project is going, or anything else you feel like writing about!

Click here for the main Seeds submission page!

PROCJAM’s community is big, diverse, vibrant and growing really fast. Taking part in the jam is a great way to celebrate being in the community, but we also want to offer ways to build networks and share your work beyond the jam itself. That’s why we started Seeds last year – a zine written by the community, filled with articles, tutorials, art spreads, thoughts, postmortems, philosophy and more. We’re getting ready to make a new issue, and we want you to submit something to it!

To find out more, click here to head over to the official Seeds page. If you’re in a hurry, here are the quickfire details:

  • Written articles should be under 850 words. Include a few pictures if you can, to help us illustrate your article.
  • You don’t have to write in English. Write in the language that you feel most comfortable expressing yourself in.
  • We also print art spreads! If you want to submit images, send 4-5 high-resolution images in a .zip file instead.
  • Don’t worry about laying out your article – we’ll edit everything together to make it consistent.
  • Submissions are due by September 15th 2017 – we’ll review this date as we get closer to it.
  • We’ll endeavour to print every article we can. But we won’t print anything hurtful or offensive.


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