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PROCJAM 2017: Call For Artists

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With the success of our Kickstarter it’s time to officially put out a Call For Artists for this year’s art pack. We’re looking for an artist to create a pack of assets for people to use, designed to be easy to use in generative systems somehow. That might mean they’re designed to be shuffled around and stuck together in lots of different ways, like tiles for a map. Or they might be sets of things that can be layered on top of each other, like clothes and hairstyles for characters. Or they might be really easy to recolour or combine with other things, like flowers and plants in a garden or symbols for imaginary card decks.

What exactly will be in the art pack? That’s actually up to you! In the past our artists have made sci-fi spaceships, nature packs full of flowers and trees, a pack of buildings and roads and vehicles for making towns with, old building facades with procedural ivy, modular racecars. It’s your choice as the artist – you’ll help inspire and influence not only our jammers but everyone else who uses the art!

Here’s the important details:

  • The commission is for £500 worth of art.
  • There is no minimum spec on the art pack – make however much art you like, we completely trust you to not overwork yourself (we know the commission isn’t much)
  • Ideally, we’d like the art to be completed by September 15th so we can use it to promote the jam.
  • We’ll be releasing the art under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License, meaning that you get attributed for the work. If you want to discuss the license with us, we’re happy to talk about it! Here’s why we use this license, currently. 
  • We love pixel art because it’s compatible with a lot of projects, but we’re really open to any pitches. We had a great low-poly 3D pack last year!

The closing deadline for this is June 20th – if you’re interested, please send an email to cutgarnet at with the subject line PROCJAM 2017 Art Pack and link me to a few samples of your work, as well as what kind of art (2D/3D/style) you’re planning on doing, if it’s not already obvious from your samples. Good luck, we can’t wait to see your stuff!

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