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Our PROCJAM Speakers For 2016!

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For the third year running, PROCJAM will be having a day of talks to inspire people and get them in the mood to make things! This year’s talks day is happening on October 21st at Falmouth University in Cornwall as part of their ‘Games As Arts/Arts As Games’ festival. The talks will start around 1pm local time (GMT+1) – but we’ll put up a full schedule before the event day with exact times, once we’ve nailed it all down. We’re really excited to meet lots of local communities who are interested in procedural generation!

We have eight amazing speakers from a variety of backgrounds, with lots of cool work to talk about. Without further ado, here’s our 2016 speaker list:



Gabriella Barros – a PhD student and game developer at NYU, looking for new procedural generation techniques. One of Gabriella’s research interests is how to safely and sensibly use open data to generate games, like writing a murder mystery game using Wikipedia.



Joris Dormans – a games scholar who did groundbreaking research on game design and procedural generation, and then put his ideas into practice, building tools like Machinations and games like the newly-released roguelite Unexplored.



Becky Lavender – a game developer currently working at Playtonic Games on Yooka-Laylee, who has previously worked with amazing people like Peter Molyneux, and done awesome things like publishing research on generating Zelda dungeons.



Mark Nelson – a researcher who did pioneering work on automated game design and creative design, is one of the editors behind the incredible PCG Book, and is currently working at Falmouth University on applied automated game design with The Metamakers Institute.



Emily Short – a game and narrative designer (Emily’s games include the legendary Counterfeit Monkey, and First Draft of the Revolution), interactive fiction writer, and one of the forces behind the landmark Versu game engine and the Inform interactive fiction engine.



Tanya Short –  creative director and designer at Kitfox Games, who most recently released the innovative Moon Hunters, a procedural mythology game. Tanya writes extensively about the design and application of procedural generation to games, and is currently editing an amazing textbook on the subject!



Adam Summerville – a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz, who is currently researching ways to use machine learning in procedural generators. He’s come up with some innovative applications to games like Mario, and believes there’s a lot of exciting untapped potential!



Jamie Woodcock – a research fellow at the London School of Economics, Jamie is a sociologist specialising in digital labour, and has recently gotten involved in the study of eSports. Jamie is interested in how technology affects how people work, including tools and automation like procedural generation. How does procedural generation change the way we create and work? Watch Jamie’s talk to find out!


It’s going to be a terrific day of talks, and all of them will be streamed live on YouTube where you can ask questions and chat with other jammers. We’ll have recordings up later for people who can’t catch the event live, just like we did in 2015 and 2014. Don’t forget to tune in, on the afternoon of October 21st (GMT+1). We’ll have a direct YouTube link here and on our Twitter. We’ll also be announcing the proper schedule very soon, with exact times.

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