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2016 Art Packs Now Available!

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This year’s free PROCJAM art packs, made by the amazing Tess Young and Khalkeus, are now available to download! Both art packs are huge, filled with 2D and 3D assets that are perfect for mixing up into procedural projects, or anywhere else for that matter! We hope they help inspire you and make PROCJAM easier to enter, as well as being useful throughout the rest of the year too!

Click Here To View Our Art Page!

We’ve revamped our art page to include previews of the packs, and updated it with last year’s very first art pack by Marsh Davies, too. The jam is under two months away, so there’s plenty of time to play with the art and think about what you’ll make! And don’t forget to tune in to our talks day on October 21st – we’ll be announcing our speakers very soon.


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