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Seeds: The PROCJAM Zine Needs You!

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This year for PROCJAM we’re trying out something new – a kind of family newsletter for the PROCJAM community, to let you share things you’ve been doing, are planning to do, or just have been thinking about lately. It’s a zine called Seeds, and we’re going to publish it later this year around PROCJAM, in PDF and (hopefully) special physical copies too. We’d really love you to send in some writing, or just some beautiful art, and make this a huge zine packed with fun ideas and creations from as many people as possible! Click here for more info:

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Seeds is meant to be a zine for you. It’s for you to tell the world how you made your last PROCJAM entry, or what you’re going to make this year. You can talk about a problem you can’t solve, or explain a new technique you’ve developed. You can talk about a game you want to make, or a dream you had, or your favourite generative art, or you can write nothing at all and just send us beautiful screenshots to fill up a page with. If you’re a game developer, tell us about your latest work! If you’re an academic, tell us about your research! If you’re an artist, show us some of your work! Seeds is a place for everyone to carve out a page or two and talk about whatever matters to them.

If you have any questions, any worries, anything holding you back, leave a comment here, ping me a tweet, or email: zine at

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