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PROCJAM 2016’s Artists!

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Last year we started a new trend for PROCJAM – releasing free art packs full of procedural-ready art bits and pieces. This was all to help people get started on their procedural projects more easily, as well as help out educators as class resources. I’m delighted to announce that we have more art packs on the way this year! The response to the call for artists we posted a few weeks back was incredible – we had six times as many applicants as last year, so thank you to everyone who sent in their beautiful work and also spread our advertisement. The response was so amazing that we’ve managed to find some funding (thanks to the lovely PROSECCO network) for two artists!


Tess Young (@TheChicMonster) – an awesome 2D artist who is also working on their own game, Charmixycheck out the Patreon and see more of their art right here!


Khalkeus (@Khalkeus3d) – who produces wonderful low-poly 3D art, something we weren’t initially considering for the art packs but couldn’t resist once we got their email!

Khalkeus and Tess will be producing brand new art for people to use in PROCJAM this year (or in whatever other projects you need it for.) We’ll be releasing the art under an attribution licence, so all you need to do is credit our artists if you use their work – simple! I hope you’re as excited as I am about this. We’ll have more information about the art soon, as well as some more big announcements and new ideas for this year’s jam. Stay tuned!

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