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PROCJAM Needs An Artist

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One of my favourite things we added to last year’s PROCJAM was a free art pack for people to download and make games with. Marsh Davies did an amazing job on the pack and it got used in a bunch of games, plus we now have a resource to use forever in lessons, tutorials, and future jams. I want to continue that this year by getting another artist on board to make a new art pack. If you’re interested, I’ve included some details below and some info on how to apply. We’ll have more exciting announcements over the summer about the jam!

We’re looking for an artist to create a pack of art that is useful for procedural projects. This means art that can be stitched together, layered on top of each other, recombined, recoloured or reshuffled in different ways. You could make cool tilesets for maps, a wardrobe of clothing items and characters to put them on, a bunch of icons and symbols for creating randomised card decks – you’ll have total freedom on what you want to make for our jammers to use!

  • The commission is for £500 worth of art.
  • There is no minimum spec on the art pack – make however much art you like, we completely trust you to not overwork yourself (we know the commission isn’t much)
  • The art is due by August 31st so we can start promoting the jam with it.
  • We have a preference for low-resolution 2D ‘pixel’ art because it’s easy for everyone to scale up and reuse. However, if you’d like to do something different we’d be excited to hear ideas!
  • The art is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license – people can use it for whatever they want, but they have to credit you as the artist.

The closing deadline for this is June 6th – if you’re interested, please send an email to cutgarnet at with the subject line ‘PROCJAM Art Pack’ and link me to a few samples of your work.

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