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Happy New Year!

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Happy 2016, Jammers! I’m just crawling out from my PROCJAM-induced winter hibernation, which means it’s time to slowly start thinking about PROCJAM 2016. It’s happening, we don’t know what, where or who just yet, but it’s definitely happening. We have exciting things planned for this year besides just the jam itself – there’s hopefully going to be more talks, more resources, and I’m working on a special tool for procedural generation that will hopefully help people get more out of the generators they use and make. More on that as I develop it further!

Last year we commissioned a special art pack of procedural-friendly sprites for people to use, and loads of you have already put it into your games and jam entries. We’re so happy and would love to do it again – but we need sponsorship to pay an artist. We’re exploring possibilities, but if you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring one of the coolest generative software events of the year, do get in touch with us!

Other than that, I hope 2016 is going well for you – let us know if you make any cool stuff, and we’ll speak to you later in the year with more updates.

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