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Talks Schedule (ish)

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Hello again, procedural jammers. I wanted to put up a draft of the talks schedule for Saturday – particularly useful if you’re in a difficult timezone and you want to make sure you tune in live for someone in particular. If you can’t make a talk, don’t worry – we’ll be recording them all and putting them online later for you to catch up on! The lineup is subject to change! Be sure to check in on Saturday and on Twitter to keep track of who is speaking when.

Also, a quick bit of bad news: Alexis won’t be speaking on Saturday due to some unforeseeable circumstances! We’re really sorry not to be hearing from him but we’ll get him back for a future jam – and don’t worry, we still have an amazing set of talks ready for you:

  • 12:50 – Welcome (Mike)
  • 13:00 – Kate Compton, UC Santa Cruz
  • 13:30 – Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks, Hitpoint Games
  • 14:00 – Dan Stubbs – The Hit
  • 14:30 – Coffee Break
  • 15:00 – Allison Parrish, Fordham University
  • 15:30 – Tommy Thompson, Table Flip Games
  • 16:00 – Tom Betts, Big Robot Games
  • 16:30 – Coffee Break
  • 17:00 – thricedotted, Haku Inc./The Internet
  • 17:30 – Panel – Wishlists For PROCJAM
  • 18:00-ish – Closing (Mike)


Our stream will go live around 12:45, we’ll be tweeting and posting about it but if you want to bookmark it right now, you can find it here. See you on Saturday!


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