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PROCJAM Talks – Location & Stream

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Our talks day is just one week away! Are you excited? I can’t wait for the jam to start and to see what other people are making – I’m already planning my jam project. If you’re watching our talks online next Saturday, the link you need is the video above – in fact you can come back here on Saturday and click to stream the talks right here! But we recommend watching on YouTube – that way you can join in with the chat, and ask questions to our speakers!

Coming to PROCJAM in person? Read on for a guide on how to get here.

Getting To South Kensington

PROCJAM is taking place at Imperial College in London’s South Kensington area. We’ll be starting around 12.45pm and the last talk is scheduled to end at 6pm. The nearest tube stations are South Kensington and Gloucester Road. My tips:

  • If it’s raining (not currently forecast!), South Kensington has an underground subway that gets you halfway to the college and keeps you dry. When you exit the subway you’ll be near the Science Museum on Exhibition Road.
  • Gloucester Road is a good tube station for food and drink – there’s a Boots which does cheap lunch, Pret which has a really delicious £2 sandwich, and a bunch of coffee shops on your way in. You can also visit the legendary Computing student haunt ‘The Sandwich Shop’ which sells really great, cheap baguettes. Route From Gloucester Road.

PROCJAM isn’t catered, but we are providing coffee and biscuits in the breaks. I highly recommend grabbing food on the way in!

Getting To The Building

You’re trying to get to Imperial’s Blackett Lab – it’s the main building of the physics deparment, on Prince Consort Road near the corner with Queen’s Gate. It looks like this.

Once you’re there, there should be signs outside and/or someone on the doors to help you get in. We’ll be there from 12.30pm onwards at least.


PROCJAM ends around 6pm with a little closing talk and a big thankyou from me. After that point, you’re welcome to head home and start working on your jam projects! If you have some time, however, we’re planning to retire to a local pub for drinks and chat with speakers, attendees, and a very sleepy me. We have a few places in mind:

  • The Beit Quad student bar, just over the road. This place is cheap and friendly and has lots of space, but it might be packed with students and/or unable to take 80 people all at once! We’ve contacted them for info.
  • Two local pubs around the corner from the event: The Queen’s Arms or Coco Momo. These places are a bit more expensive (Zone 1 London!) and a bit more cramped, so we’ll probably only hit here as a last resort.

We’ll announce where we’re going at the close of the event.

If you have any problems, please tweet at me on the day – @mtrc – it’s probably the fastest way to contact me.

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