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“Islands” – Sample #procjam Project

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We’re getting really close to the jam now! If you’re getting ready and thinking about what you might get up to, we have a little present to get you started – a template Unity project that uses some of this year’s free art pack to generate islands with pirates and treasure on!

Get it via GitHub

Download a .zip here + executables

This project uses cellular automata to generate islands. You can read a tutorial I wrote about this here – the Unity project uses a very similar structure. It’s not super-well-documented, so it’s not the best project for absolute newcomers to Unity, but if you’re looking for a little start project to tweak and poke at hopefully this will be useful to you!

We still have tickets left for this year’s event – come along to meet and listen to experts chat about procedural generation, and get yourself fired up for the jam:

Eventbrite - PROCJAM 2015 Kickoff Day

UPDATE: Don’t forget we also have a big Resources page with links to tutorials about all kinds of procedural generation! We just had a new entry today – a great video from Unity’s Matt Mirrorfish about generating dungeons in Unity.

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