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PROCJAM Tickets + More Speakers

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Exciting news: tickets for PROCJAM 2015 are now available! Like last year, tickets are completely free, and include some coffee and biscuits hopefully, funding permitting. You don’t need tickets to watch online – you just need them if you’re coming to the talks day in person. Click here to register for a ticket! We will have a waiting list if we sell out like we did last year, but we have a higher-capacity room this year so hopefully that won’t be a problem.

Six of our eight speakers should be there in person, and last year we all retired to a local pub to chat and eat pizza, which we’ll hopefully be doing again this year – it’s a great opportunity to chat with new faces from the procedural community. While we’re talking about speakers, let’s announce two (or rather, three!) more: Allison Parrish, Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks.

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Allison Parrish is the Digital Creative Writer-in-Residence at Fordham University, and the brains behind all manner of technological curios, including the legendary @everyword. Allison is a well-known figure in twitterbot and generative communities, with work spanning videogames, poetry, music, cool tech libraries, helpful tutorials and starter kits, and a whole host of thoughtful, inspiring codethings. Allison is an amazing, inspirational figure to get you motivated for PROCJAM, and get you thinking about using generative techniques in brand new ways.

Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks are Hitpoint Games, perhaps best known for Hashtag Dungeon, a generative RPG that uses tweetable codes that turn into dungeons (or can be hacked and altered to discover random, secret or undocumented dungeons and features). Sean and Kieran do fascinating things with open data (something they have in common with Allison) so I’m hoping this pair of speakers might inspire some data games to come out of the jam!

We have two more speakers to announce next week, and then we’re just waiting for the countdown to the big day! We still need to announce our schedule and fill you in on how to tune into our jam live, but for now just sit tight, start dreaming about your jam entry, and don’t forget to spread the word about PROCJAM!


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