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More PROCJAM Announcements!

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Hello again, jammers! It’s time for another update on PROCJAM and the awesome kickoff event we have planned. We’re announcing another two speakers today – Failbetter Games’ Alexis Kennedy and games researcher and indie developer Tommy Thompson. I’m also happy to announce we have our location fixed and ready to go, thanks to our local organiser Azalea Raad – we’re going to be hosted at Imperial College, London, just a short train ride from our previous hosts, Goldsmiths. We’re trying to move to talks day around so everyone gets a chance to come – we’ll be trying to leave London next year!

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Details about how to get tickets for the jam will come very soon. Getting excited for PROCJAM? Let us know on Twitter and don’t forget to tune in on YouTube live for our talks on November 7th! Read on for more info on our two new speakers, or click here to find out more about Kate and Tom, who we announced last week. 

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Alexis Kennedy [Twitter] is the Chief Narrative Officer and a co-founder of Failbetter Games, a UK-based indie developer who excels at creating amazing worlds packed with compelling narratives. Failbetter’s latest game, Sunless Sea, is a mix of roguelike mechanical ideas with their trademark atmosphere and story. Alexis will be coming to talk about how Failbetter navigates these difficult waters, and how they still manage to tell compelling stories and engage players even when the world is unpredictable and ever-changing.

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Tommy Thompson [Twitter] is a lecturer at the University of Derby, where he does research into procedural generation and game design. Tommy is the project lead on Sure Footing (above), an endless runner developed by Table Flip Games and powered by cutting-edge ideas about procedural generation. He’s also the person behind AI & Games, a YouTube channel featuring updates on academia and analyses of the AI in commercial games – you can support him via Patreon here.

We still have loads more speakers to announce, as well as our tickets page for the event. Keep in touch with us on Twitter for more announcements!


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