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PROCJAM 2015 – November 7th – 15th

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Since we’ve not done a proper, official announcement post yet: the second Procedural Generation Jam is happening this November! We’ll be jamming across nine days to make games, tools, art, experiments, prototypes, toys and more that use procedural generation somehow – whether you’re learning something for the first time, experimenting with the cutting edge, or just having fun making things that make things. For more info on PROCJAM’s format and making it accessible, click here.

Click here for the official jam page on!

Like last year, PROCJAM 2015 will kick off with a day of talks, livestreamed online for free, from experts in procedural generation. If you want to come to the talks in person and see our speakers, we’ll have ticket details up soon – it’ll be in London, on Saturday November 7th. Today we have two of our first speaker announcements – Kate Compton and Tom Betts!

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Kate Compton is a seasoned creativity and generative methods engineer and artist, currently studying for a PhD at UC Santa Cruz. She has previously worked at Electronic Arts on projects including the generative showpiece Spore, and an expert at all sorts of generative techniques, from holographic styrofoam faces to custom-bred pedigree robots. She is the creator of Tracery, a generative text library that features in Cheap Bots Done Quick, and the founder of Crystal Code Palace, a place to learn about the cutting edge of AI, with added sparkle! Last year Kate ran a tutorial stream at the start of PROCJAM, but this year she’s flying out to the UK to speak at our event.

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Tom Betts is a game designer, artist and academic, perhaps best known for being behind the amazing technology powering Sir! You Are Being Hunted and its British Countryside Generator. Tom has an incredible breadth of knowledge that spans music, art, digital culture, games, computing and more – check out In Ruins and AV Seq to see more of his generative work, or his 2014 PROCJAM entry Meadows. Tom recently defended his PhD thesis about procedural generation, and is currently working on Big Robot’s next big project!

We’ll be announcing more speakers, and information on how to get a ticket for the event, in the coming weeks. Follow us on Twitter for updates, and don’t forget to tune in live on YouTube on November 7th!


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