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PROCJAM Art Pack Now Available!

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We’re just over two months away from PROCJAM, which means it’s time to start getting exciting, announcing speakers, and planning our jam entries! It also means it’s finally time to release Marsh Davies’ awesome 2015 PROCJAM Art Pack which features four big piles of stuff for you to make amazing stuff with, either in PROCJAM or outside it.

Click Here To Download!

The art pack is completely free – we’re releasing it under a Creative Commons BY-NC license. This means you can use it for anything you like, as long as it’s non-commercial and you give a nod to our amazing artist Marsh Davies somewhere in your credits. We had a long think about what license to release the pack under, and we settled on BY-NC because while we want you to use the art for whatever you want, we also want to make sure our lovely artists get recognised for the amazing work they’ve done. Let us know what you think!

We’ll be putting together some quick examples using the artwork before the jam, to give people a headstart on getting their art into games. Marsh has also provided a handy README for tips on how to use his tiling conventions to get you going. Let us know what you make with the art, and stay tuned for more updates on this year’s jam.


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