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PROCJAM 2015 – Art Pack Preview

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Hey folks! It’s June and that means we’re just a few months away from PROCJAM 2015. Soon we’ll be firing up the announcement cannon, putting up new decorations and preparing ourselves for a second year of jamming. While we’re making our way there, I wanted to fill you in on an exciting new thing for PROCJAM 2015 – a Creative Commons art pack for you to use in your jam games!

We want PROCJAM to be a friendly, fun place to get involved with procedural generation – if something’s holding you up from having fun and making stuff, we want to help out. Last year some people told us that making art for procedural projects is really hard. So this year we’ll be offering our very first art pack, filled with resources designed for procedural games, to help people achieve whatever they want in the jam. This year’s art pack is courtesy of Marsh Davies – journalist, illustrator extraordinaire and part of the lovely Crate and Crowbar podcast. Here’s a taster of some gorgeous isometric tiles in the pack:



The island pack features pirates, ships and tiles like the ones above, but Marsh has also done a side-on sci-fi pack with gorgeous ship tiles to procedurally piece together, and a fully animated alien and marine, and a bunch of scenery for a spooky crypt, and a procedural townhouse set with vines and windows and doorframes and roof parts. I’m blown away by the amazing stuff he’s produced and I hope it helps out some of your in your projects this year!

Currently we’re planning to release the pack under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence. You don’t have to attribute Marsh, but if you want to you absolutely should – he did an amazing job! We’ll have the pack ready soon for you to look at – in the meantime enjoy these lovely screenshots and let us know if you’re planning to use the art!



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