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PROCJAM 2015’s Artist!

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PROCJAM 2015 is going to be trying as hard as possible to get new people involved in procedural generation. There’s a huge technological barrier, and we want to help overcome that by hosting a friendly event, offering loads of resources and tutorials, and making people feel like they can take part and have fun without any pressure at all. One piece of feedback I got last year was that some people stressed out about making their entries look nice, which can be particularly hard when you’re generating content! So from now on we’ll be trying to fund the creation of free art assets that anyone can use, both during PROCJAM and outside in general game development.

This year we’re being helped out by the amazing Marsh Davies, who will be creating a pack of art for people to use in their PROCJAM entries. Some of the art will be designed with generation in mind, so people can mix and match artwork as part of their procedural generators, and it’ll all be released under a Creative Commons licence so people can use it in their jam entries without worrying.

If there’s something you think PROCJAM can do to help people get involved in procedural generation, let me know on Twitter. There’s lots more announcements to come, and we’ll be showing off some of Marsh’s art later too. Eight months to go!

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