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PROCJAM 2015 – Call For Art!

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Happy New Year, Procjammers! I have finally recovered from the barrage of awesome code, ideas and chat that made up the very first PROCJAM, and I’m making plans for this year’s event already. I hope you’ll come and join me again, and invite everyone you know to come too – it’s going to be bigger, better, and even more procedural than before.  One of my top goals for this year is to make it as easy as possible to get into PROCJAM and procedural generation, even if you’re very new to some of the ideas. I’ve got a few ideas for this (and I’d love to hear what ideas you have too!) but one thing I’d like to do is provide some art resources to people so that people can prototype without worrying about presentation (if that’s their style).

With that in mind, I am looking to commission an artist to produce some public domain art. This is a paid gig, although I can’t give the exact details of the commission here because it’s partly variable on what you, the artist, want to focus on. However, here’s a core of what I’m looking for:

  • Two-dimensional art.
  • Art designed for procedural generation: things like an autotiled terrain tileset, a basic character sprite with modular clothes and body parts, different components of buildings instead of complete structures.
  • I’m leaning towards pixel art or something relatively low-resolution – it’s easy to scale up small art, but scaling down big art is hard, and I want people to be able to work at any resolution. This isn’t a hard requirement – feel free to pitch me something different!
  • A willingness to use a very open licence on the resulting work – probably CC0 or something like this (I’m open to discussing this with you to find the best licence).
  • No fixed theme – you can do a mix of themes if you like, or just select a single theme you like. Hopefully we can repeat this each year and build a collection of styles and themes!
  • Ideally I’d like this done by August 1st so I have time to prepare and use the art in promoting PROCJAM and so on.
  • The closing deadline for this is March 1st.

The budget I have is £500 – I’d like to get as much art as possible for that amount, but I don’t think it’s right for me to tell you how much art that should buy. So if you’re interested and want to get in touch, we can discuss how much work you feel comfortable doing as part of the commissioning process.

If you’re interested in taking on the commission, email me: art at Send over some samples of your work with your email, any links will do! I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.

Thanks to Sven for helping go over the pitch with me!

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