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Alternative Submissions & Curating PROCJAM

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We’re almost halfway through the jam, and already there are some amazing projects which are playable right now if you go to the jam site and scroll down. It looks like we’ll be getting many more entries than I’d imagined, which is incredible news. Regarding submissions, I have a few announcements to make – one about how to submit, and one about a little post we’ll be putting up next week after the jam is over.

Firstly, some people have asked if they can avoid submitting through, our hosting provider, if they feel like their submission doesn’t make sense on the site (for example, a very technical or prototypical code library). welcomes a wide variety of submissions, and everyone should feel welcome to submit there, but I also want everyone to be happy. Later this week I’ll be putting up an alternative submission page on this site, so you can submit links to your entry without going through

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The second announcement comes off the back of some feedback I got on the jam whilst at the Future of PCG Symposium this week. A lot of people are really excited by the variety and scale of people’s entries to the jam, but they’re also worried they won’t have time to go through all the entries. I definitely didn’t want ratings to be a part of the jam, because I don’t think having a ‘winner’ helps this particular jam very much. But I do like the idea of highlighting certain entries.

To that end, I’m recruiting a nice spread of PCG people to curate an entry or two that they feel is worthy of attention. I’ll be rolling all of these together into a special summary post next week. The curation team will include artists, scientists, developers and maybe journalists too, including some of the PROCJAM speakers. More on this next week. I hope this’ll be a nice way to shine a light on some entries without detracting from the amazing effort made by everyone. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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