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Hello, jammers! For the months leading up to PROCJAM we had a pretty fragmented web presence – a Twitter, a Twitch channel, a jam page on and a Tumblr. Since it now looks like PROCJAM might be an annual event, I decided to set up a central website with a nice URL where we can pool all these links, put up announcements, and give everyone a lovely home for the jam. Welcome to PROCJAM!

The jam is well underway now so I wanted to let people know what’s going to happen on the site. We’ll be putting up links to all the important current resources, including the jam talks, very soon. This website will also be used next year in the run-up to the jam, with a better platform for articles, tutorials and things like that. You’ll also note I’ve migrated the posts from our Tumblr over to here too, just below this post.

Don’t forget to tweet with #procjam to let us know what you’re working on, and submit your entries to before the jam ends!

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