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PROCJAM Theme Announced

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We’re just a few hours away from midnight in London, which means #procjam has almost started across half the world. The optional theme for the jam is INFINITY – maybe you’ll make infinite content? Maybe your game will be set in somewhere infinite, like space? Maybe you’ll try and get players to face the idea of infinity as they try your game out?

Please remember that this theme is optional. PROCJAM already has a theme – it’s procedural content generation – and this theme is just a little extra bonus for those that want it. This jam is about having fun and making cool things, and you shouldn’t let a silly theme get in the way of either of those two things.

In about fifteen hours – 12.30pm GMT – we’ll be going live with our day of talks on Twitch. I hope you’ll tune in to see them! It’s a shaky amateur setup, but our speakers are anything but. Come along to watch amazing people talk about fascinating work, and ask them questions on Twitch chat and through Twitter using #procjam. 

Also don’t forget there are two other jams this week – 7DFPS for making a first-person shooter, and 7DRL for making a roguelike. Both jams accept entries from #procjam too, so you could enter two (or three!) amazing jams this week all at once.

I hope you’ll bear with us tomorrow as we take on a rather huge task. I’ll be working flat-out to make it the best event possible for everyone. Thank you for all your support so far, and I hope you have a great week making things that make things!

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