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We’re very lucky to have several physical meetups happening for PROCJAM this year, like one in Southampton in the UK where developers are meeting up to kick off the jam. There’s a very special meetup going on over at the University of Santa Cruz in California, where their students and staff are going to be starting the jam off with some tutorials and talks, beginning just as our day of talks comes to an end.

I’ve been speaking to the organiser, Kate Compton, and she’s going to try and stream their event on our Twitch channel following the main PROCJAM talks. We’re not sure when it’ll start yet, or what the tutorials will contain, but if you just can’t get enough jam after we finish in London on Saturday, you’ll be able to tune in to Kate’s event on the same channel and enjoy some more procedural generation chitchat (hopefully!)

Huge thanks to Kate for setting this up. There’s lots of technical hurdles to get over but we hope you’ll bear with us. It should be a fantastic day. 

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