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Getting To The PROCJAM Talks

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If you’re one of the lucky people with a ticket to this year’s PROCJAM talks at Goldsmiths, you’ll probably want to know how to actually find the place. We’re in the New Academic Building (or NAB) which is at the far end of the Goldsmiths campus. The nearest stations are New Cross Gate and New Cross, both of which are just a few minutes from London Bridge. Click here to view the area on Google Maps. 


The NAB is quite tucked away, but helpfully it’s by a very big landmark on campus: the college green, which is next to the main university building. If you ask someone for directions to the Goldsmiths college green, they should be able to help you. The green looks like this, and the NAB is on the far side hidden behind some trees:


It’s opposite the rather grand main university building:


The easiest way to get here is to walk down Laurie Grove, which you can see on the map linked above. There’s a pub on the corner called the New Cross House (which we’ll be going to after the talks, so make a note as you walk past!) Walk down the road, then at the end there’ll be a security gate on your left where you can enter the university. The gate should be open and security will know that there’s an event on.

If you walk through the gate and continue you should find yourself at the green. The NAB is to your right: follow the path along and up some steps. We’ll try and have some posters in place to guide people.

There’s a few other ways to get to the NAB. From New Cross Gate you can walk down St. James’ road and take a tiny alley at the end to get to the same security gate on Laurie Grove. Or, you can come down via St. Donnatt’s road which runs very near the New Academic Building. Laurie Grove is probably the best approach, but if you run into any problems, ping us on Twitter.

Here’s the map again.

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