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Hey jammers! Another post for the pre-jam week. This one’s some questions we get asked a lot, with answers. We’ll edit more in as they come. Tweet us – @mtrc and @procjam!

What is PROCJAM?

PROCJAM is an online jam for making games and other things inspired by procedural generation. It’s launching with a day of talks, streamed online from a live London event at Goldsmiths University!

Will you record the talks?

Yes! We’ll be putting them on YouTube soon after the broadcast.

Can I enter the jam from home over the internet?

Sure! PROCJAM is just like Ludum Dare – we’re all working on our games online, so you can enter from wherever you are.

How do I get to Goldsmiths for the PROCJAM Talk Day?

We’ll have details on how to get to Goldsmiths going up soon. Remember, you need a ticket to come and see the talks! They’re currently sold out but there is a waiting list.

Can I write my PROCJAM entry in this language/for this platform/wearing these clothes/etc.

Of course! PROCJAM is trying to be the most inclusive jam it can be. We want you to be comfortable working on whatever you want.

Do I have to make a game?

No! You can make tools, art, generative toys, anything you want.

Do I have to make software?

No! You can make a boardgame, or origami, or any other physical stuff you’d like. If you make a board or card game, you can still submit the design to if you like. 

Do we need to open source our entry?

No. You can if you like (it would help everyone learn more and share ideas!) but there’s no requirement to do so. 

Is there a theme?

We’ll be announcing a SUPER-OPTIONAL extra theme on Friday (just as the date line enters the 8th. It’s just a little flavour and inspiration for people. If you want to ignore the theme, please ignore the theme. I imagine I’m gonna ignore it myself! 

Can I start early/use an existing project/use libraries or other code?

Yes. One of the aims of PROCJAM is to be as laid back and fun to enter as possible. All we ask is that you work on a procedural/generative thing of some kind between the 8th and 17th November. If you want to extend an existing game, that’s cool. If you want to start early so you’ve got the game bits done by Saturday, that’s cool too. If you want to use external libraries, tools or whatever, that’s cool too.

We want you to have fun and be relaxed, because that’s how people do their best work. If you need to break any of PROCJAM’s very few rules, please break them. 

How can I connect with other people entering the jam?

PROCJAM doesn’t have a forum or anything (we’ll be remedying this for next year) so the best way is to connect over Twitter by using the hashtag #PROCJAM. We might try and get an IRC channel set up – if anyone has experience doing this, feel free to email mike @

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