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PROCJAM Talks Schedule

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Hello, jammers! It’s less than a week before #procjam starts – this Saturday! We have lots of important posts coming up to let you know important info about the jam and the day of talks. First up is our schedule for this Saturday 8th NovemberRemember, we’ll be streaming the talks live on TwitchFor up-to-the-minute information on changes to the schedule, the stream or the jam, please follow the PROCJAM Twitter or Mike on Twitter.

All times are GMT – London time.

12:30 pm – Welcome – Mike Cook, PROCJAM Organiser

12:40 pm – Make Something That Makes Something That Isn’t A Game – Dr. Gillian Smith, Northeastern University

13:10 pm  Involving the Player in Procedural Generation – Darren Grey, Games of Grey

13:40 pm – Coffee Break – BYOC for Twitch viewers 🙂

14:00 pm Units of Meaning – Tanya X Short, Kitfox Games

14:30 pm – Procedural Doesn’t Mean Random: Generating Interesting Content – Hazel McKendrick, Hello Games

15:00 pm – Playing With Scale In Procedural Generation: Linking World History To Individual Characters – Mark Johnson, Ultima Ratio Regum

15:30 pm – Coffee Break #2

15:50 pm – Flow In Procedural Generation – Tom Coxon, Bytten Studio

16:20 pm – Q&A Session with Hal Barwood, project lead on LucasArts’ procedural gem Indiana Jones And His Desktop Adventures.

16:50 pm – – Fernando Ramallo

17:20 pm– Closing – Mike Cook, PROCJAM Organiser

You may notice we’ve slipped in a new speaker announcement in here – Hal Barwood, who worked at LucasArts creating the amazing procedural Desktop Adventures series, as well as the Fate of Atlantis, will be doing a Skype Q&A on Saturday answering questions about narratives, procedural content and game design. I’m delighted to have Hal on the schedule.

After the jam some people will be heading to the nearby New Cross House pub for drinks, food and chatter about procedural generation (and other things). Please join us! Twitch viewers – we probably won’t stream this sadly 😉

More to come this week, including directions to the event, an FAQ about the jam, and of course the theme announcement!

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