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Procedural Generation Tutorials – Getting Started

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Hey jammers! Thanks for giving us an amazing kickstart on Twitter and around the web last month when we launched. Everyone’s talking about #procjam and I’m looking forward to an amazing jam next month. 

Lots of people got in touch to say they were just starting to get into procedural generation, or they weren’t sure where to start. I hope this jam will be as inclusive as possible – if you have a query or a worry about entering or being eligible, please ask me on Twitter, but 99% of the time the answer will be ‘whatever helps you take part’. Want to start making a game now and make your generator in the jam? Go for it. Want to make a tabletop game? Oh my goodness please go for it. Want to make it on a plane? Want to make it on a train? Please feel free to join in! This jam is about making things, and breaking rules. Come and do something crazy!

To help you get started, I’m going to try and collect big lists of tutorials for getting started in procedural generation. They’ll be for different experience levels and about different kinds of content, but they’ll all be really useful and interesting. If you have a tutorial you know about, or you wrote one yourself, please let me know on Twitter so I can add it!

I’ll be editing this later to label each tutorial with (my estimate of) experience levels/complexity. I hope some of this helps! I’ll add and expand to this as I get more suggestions and make more discoveries.



Platformer Levels








Roguebasin (Assorted Roguelike Tutorials)

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