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Final Speakers Announced + Tickets!

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Get your free ticket to be at the event live in London on November 8th!

Our final three speakers are ready to be announced, making the full speaker lineup for the PROCJAM opening day finished and final! That means we can also reveal the venue details and open up tickets for those who want to come along in person. PROCJAM 2014 is happening and it’s going to be great!


Tanya X Short – Kitfox Games

Tanya is the Creative Director at Kitfox Games, developer of procedural RPG Shattered Planet, and has an impressive history in the industry including work on The Secret World and organising the Pixelles initiative. Kitfox have a huge passion for procedurality, and Tanya writes and speaks often about the use of procedural generation in games. Tanya will very kindly be giving her talk through the tubes of the Internet from Canada!


Fernando Ramallo – Panoramical

Fernando is a game designer and artist behind amazing and beautiful interactive works, including Snaaaake! and You Must Hold Onto Your Mother’s Hand. His most recent work on Panoramical is a beautiful ‘exploration toy’ that features incredible dynamic music and awe-inspiring visual design. We’re very excited to have Fernando come and lead us down different kinds of generative routes at PROCJAM.


Darren Grey – Games Of Grey, Tales of Maj’Eyal, Roguelike Radio

Darren is a game designer, a writer, a 7DRL judge and host of Roguelike Radio – and an absolute expert on generating things in games. His work includes a strong foundation in all the classic generative roots of the roguelike genre, right through to experimental generative music in games like MosaicDarren’s amazing knowledge of the genre as it stands today will also open everyone’s eyes to what great uses content generation can be put to.


PROCJAM 2014 At Goldsmiths

With all seven of our speakers announced we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be holding our day of talks at Goldsmiths, part of the University of London located in New Cross. We’ll be taking over one of the largest lecture theatres in the New Academic Building, and broadcasting the talks live on Twitch so everyone can listen in and ask questions from around the world.

If you’re around London on November 8th, come and join in the talks in person! We’ll have coffee and biscuits and some of the most interesting procedural generation folk around. Click here to claim a free ticket!

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