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First Speaker Announcements!

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We’ll be announcing our speakers over the coming days. These people are all super procedural generation folk who will be giving talks on the first day of the jam – Saturday, November 8th. If you’re in London we’ll have details of how you can watch the talks in person, but for everyone else we’ll have a live stream and post-stream recordings so you can watch the speakers wherever you are!

Tom Coxon – Bytten Studio

Tom is the developer behind Lenna’s Inception, the action-adventure game that procedurally generates the entire world and all the puzzles inside it. Our banners feature lovely screenshots from his game – all generated by his clever code!

Check out this blog series Tom is starting discussing how procedural generation in Lenna’s Inception works!

Dr. Gillian Smith, Northeastern University

Gillian is a researcher and lecturer in procedural content generation over at Northeastern University in the US. Her research in the past included Tanagra – a procedural level design tool that helped complete levels begun by humans – and Endless Web, a platformer where procedural generation was the core game mechanic.

Gillian also talks about the future of procedural generation, both for researchers and game developers – check out this paper from the Experimental AI Workshop Gillian wrote this year.

We’ve got more speakers to announce but we’re very excited to start introducing you to our panel of experts. We’re really looking forward to hearing what they have to say to motivate us and kick off the jam – we’re sure you are too!

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